B2B SAAS Platform: 3D Avatars+Digital Try-on

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Lost Revenue from Excessive Returns

For retailers, the high percentage of returns creates extra overhead costs and inventory issues. In total returns cost retailers over $400-billion dollars in expenses each year. Over 46% of all returns are the result of the wrong size/fit/color. As a Sr. Executive at Macy's, Deborah experienced firsthand the adverse effect that returns can have on a business's bottom line. Retailers and brands, in general, are desperate for a scalable solution. Additionally, 5 billion pounds of waste is generated through returns, according to the BBC. This system is not sustainable.


BTR Technology greatly reduces returns by ensuring that the customers end up with the correct fit

Beyond the Runway revolutionizes online shopping by empowering customers to try on clothes with a custom-fit virtual avatar. With BTR’s SAAS technology, brands can transform their merchandise into realistic, digital garments on their websites. Customers can then try the pieces on their custom 3D avatars with realistic 3D converted styles. BTR's proprietary Fit Technology tells customers their perfect size/fit. They can also share their looks across social media and build virtual closets to house 3D styles. In private business pilots using mere 2D technology, results were shown to decrease returns up to 40% and to increase sales by at least 20%.

Margaux Avedisian and Deborah Metts founded Beyond the Runway in 2020 after witnessing the fashion industry’s need to innovate and respond to pressing issues of sustainability, diversity, and technology. The results are improved fit accuracy, reduced return rates, and a personalized, top-quality, shopping experience. It’s the future of shopping for clothes.